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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy something I saw on the site?

Nearly everything on the site is available to purchase as a print on my personal site at eliasstein.com/store.

Are you available for freelance?

Yep! Contact me here: eliasstein.com/contact.

Why Basketball Cities?

I follow most sports, but basketball has always been my favorite. I grew up in the '90s when the NBA was not only big on stars, but also big on art. Logos and uniforms were very illustrative. As a kid, I would draw players, logos, mascots, everything. Over the years it has stuck with me.

Why do some posters in the series have more city iconography than others?

I had a basic set of parameters I would start from with each design, but I also wanted to use this project as a means to experiment and try new creative approaches. In some cases, that meant trying a new idea or technique that I was personally interested in exploring.

While I do think the variety is important to the series, I may eventually revisit certain cities and make alternate versions that feature more iconography.

Would you make multiple works of the same city or team?

Yes, especially if commissioned. This has happened once before with one of Chicago's baseball teams

Are you going to do Football Cities, Baseball Cities, and Hockey Cities?

There will probably be more cities and sports sometime in the future, but there are no immediate plans.

I have done a few baseball posters in the past (Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City), and I've also made smaller prints of all of the Chicago teams. These are available in my web store at eliasstein.com/store.

Are you going to do more Figures and/or Portraits?

Yes. I have no timetable or list I'm working from, but I'm always making new personal work. The best way to keep up with what I'm working on is Instagram or Twitter, I'm @elias_stein on both.

Do you take requests?

I don't take requests (only paid commissions), but I do try to do a wide variety of cities and athletes, so if you haven't seen your favorite yet, it may still pop up in the future.